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About Texas Patios And Concrete

Texas Patios And Concrete is a family owned and operated business.. We have been proudly serving the metroplex for over 10 years. Our honesty and quality of work make us one of a kind! Not to mention, no one can beat our prices! Our mission is to create a comfortable and affordable atmosphere for you and your family. And to treat every home as if it were our own.

Our Product and experience

Our Product:

We pick and choose the best quality of materials we will be using at your residence. Most companies buy in bulk and use damaged/discounted materials. Instead we order exactly what we need at local stores and we return bad items if necessary. This reflects on the final product and quality of our work.


Our experience:

Over 10 Years of experience shows in our quality of work. Always caring for our customers & providing the best ideas & design for your project, as is the house was our own!


Outdoor kitchen appliances

Outdoor Grills

Bull Outdoor Products is known for its superior award-winning outdoor barbecue islands.

Entertainer's Bar

The Entertainer's Bar is the best choice for those looking to have guests over for cocktails in the backyard or patio.

Stain Steal Doors

These Double Doors have 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel and double lined doors for easy storage of accessories.


Stainless Steel exterior door panel, Space Saving Flush back design, Reversable Door-left or right swing.

we proudly use Bull Products


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